Howdy, I'm Matthew!

I'm a data scientist and Python developer. I love finding ways data and code can help solve problems. I've worked as a data scientist in the healthcare industry for over 10 years building solutions to support a variety of initiatives. In addition, I tinker with code to build solutions for all those moments where I think to myself, "this should be easier". Inspiration can come from anywhere! I'm interested in chatbots, machine learning, NLP, and AWS.

Below is a sampling of projects I've worked on recently with links to code and live demos. I also write on DEV, so check me out there too!

Have a Phenomenal Day!

Recent Projects

Bits 2 Bites: Many of my side projects have been cooking related. Bits 2 Bites is a project to create a Virtual Sous Chef to help make cooking a little easier. The bot is built with Rasa with a robust NLP built using spaCy to help turn pictures from recipe books into grocery lists. Much more is on the way!

Project Website Try it on Facebook

What's Grilling Bot: Your grilling companion! Provides tips on how to grill common items and recommends new grilling recipes to try.

Want to try it for yourself? Text "What's Grilling" to 1-518-241-4595!

Tutorial coming soon!

Screenshot Your Groceries: Send your recipe ingredient snapshots to this Facebook Messenger bot and get back an organized grocery list!

Uses AWS Textract to extract the recipe ingredients. A spaCy model separates text related to recipe ingredients from the rest of the text. A second spaCy model classifies the ingredients based on where they're located in the store.

Head over to Facebook to try to bot yourself. Or build your own version following the tutorial on GitHub with the code and models available.

Tutorial Try It on Facebook

AWS Rekognition and Celebrity Selfies: Learning AWS Rekognition by working with celebrity selfies.


Twilio Fit your SMS Personal Trainer: Your next workout is just a text message away! Build your own SMS personal trainer to keep your workouts fun and varied!

Go over to the Twilio Blog to go get fit with your own SMS personal trainer!


Being Proactive in Population Health: A Cloud-Based Solution to Identifying Tomorrow's High-Need Patients Talk given at Predictive Analytics World about building a cloud-based framework for population health management to anticipate member needs to be proactive in providing care.